Why you need a free vanity number in 2018?

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Do you remember your mom, dad or your friend’s number by heart? Most of you don’t because the mobile devices have taken our brain’s space to store the number making it an easier task. As mobiles are always with you there is no need of memorizing the contact numbers of anyone.

However, sometimes there is a business urgency to note down a number but you don’t have anything to save it neither your phone
nor a diary and pen. In such instances, business vanity numbers prove to be helpful. It can drive up your sales.

Let’s take a look at what vanity phone numbers are and why you need a free vanity number in 2018 to grow your business.

What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity number is a phone number that carries a word or a phrase (mainly brand’s name) on a phone’s keypad for example 1-800-HOMELOANS. Vanity numbers are easy to remember phone numbers for businesses. For example, let’s say, someone, while driving sees an advertisement hoarding of new pizza outlet near their residence and decide to
order once they are home. If you expect that person to remember the ten digits toll-free number is silly. The person is driving and unable to note it down, and no one can memorize it in a glance. So you will lose a customer there.

However, to save such customers and for the better growth of your business one must invest in a vanity number like 1-800-pizza.

Now anyone passing by interested in your business offering can remember the vanity number and recall it when needed.

Why you need a free Vanity Number in 2018?

Investing in free Vanity number can benefit your business. It helps you in building a professional reputation among the customers. Below are the key benefits of vanity number:

1.Easy to Memorize:

Vanity numbers are easy to remember especially for on-the-go customers. Having a phone number the tells what your company does is more easy to remember than an ordinary 10-digit toll-free number.It is said that 72 percent of customers are likely to remember the vanity numbers than the traditional toll-free numbers.

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2.Brand recognition:

Businesses competing with other brands for the same segment of customers, brand presence, and recognition is very important. Having a vanity number with the extension of your brand people will easily recognize your brand and recall it. Those customers will surely be a repeat customer. If your competitor doesn’t have their own attractive vanity number you will be benefited with it.

3.Customer Friendly:

By having an easy to remember vanity number you will help your customer in eliminating extra research work for them to contact you. Help out your customers to reduce the amount of work they have to do in order to reach you. This will make your customer happy and satisfied with the service leading to more business to you.

4.Known as Free:

Everyone is aware of the toll-free numbers starting from 800. But, vanity numbers with 800 are more familiar with being free. These number assures customers they will not be charged for the call.

Vanity numbers empower businesses to expand and become successful. So, think for a creative word or a phrase which is easy to remember and see the calls coming.