What is Mobile number portability (MNP)?

Mobile Number Portability in USA

Mobile number portability is the ability to enable mobile phone users to remain with their mobile phone numbers when they migrate from one mobile network provider to another one.

Standard Methods Used in MNP Migration.

MNP follows various migration rules in different regions globally governed by different communications authority in different jurisdictions.

1)Recipient led migration.

In Europe, people interested in porting their numbers should try to contact the intended new network which in turn sends a request to your original network for a shift.

2)Donor led migration.

In another form, a person wanting to do an MNP will contact his or her original service provider to obtain a unique porting authorization code that he or she in turn will send to the intended migration network to offer a migration.

Disadvantages of MNP

  • MNP is only applicable within a circle of which the service provider operates and one can not use the MNP feature in another different geographic location
  • All pre-paid users tend to lose their balance if any. It is always advisable to exhaust your balance.
  • Most mobile service providers have had issues with MNP due to the fact that the accuse some of their competitors for manipulating and exploiting the process to porch users to their networks especially in donor led migrations.

What to Consider Before Making a Migration

  • Make sure that your phone number with your current mobile service provider is active and registered
  • Know that one will lose any credit balance in the migration process. Highly advisable to use the remaining balances
  • You might need to backup you Sim contacts when porting. Because the contacts tend to disappear during the process.
  • Any porting request can be declined if a person has any bills pending with the original mobile service provider.

Benefits of MNP

  • A person is able to retain their number when migrating from one network operator to the other hence enjoying the benefits of freedom and convenience offered by the new Mobile service provider.
  • One is able to get all his or her calls and messages regardless of what mobile network you have ported your phone number to, this is without having to inform anyone about your migration of mobile operator.
  • You can save money because you do not have to buy a new SIM card for your new mobile operator.
  • You have the flexibility to choose the mobile operator one feels gives a good quality of services and customer experience.
  • MNP has been termed as a great revolution for the telecommunications markets because it does away with set bars on number switching. The reduction on barriers to switching is particularly of benefit to small mobile service providers against dominant service providers.


Introduction of MNP to the telecommunication industry is has been a revolutionary thing which has provided flexibility to them in terms of choosing the right Mobile network provider that offers the perfect services. On the other side introduction of MNP has been a double edged sword to telecommunication organizations infringing in the dominance of already established telecommunication organizations while acting as a fair play ground tool to small telecommunication companies that want to have a level playing ground.