3 Reasons to use vanity phone number for your business as a marketing strategy

3 reasons to use vanity number in business as a marketing tool

A Phone call for a business inquiry or help has still its place in today’s day and age of social media and websites. Yes the numbers have decreased in the recent years for number of people calling the business organizations for information and help but they still have their place. Some people find the process of calling and getting the help from a live representative more convenient. In that case, a vanity number can instantly uplift the face of your organization; it not only appears more professional but also provides branding option to the business as well. Vanity numbers saves times, are result oriented, marketable, provide consistency to the brand and looked professional as well. Let’s discuss top 3 reasons to use vanity phone numbers for your business

1. Professional and Brand oriented

Brand your business with a good vanity number
Vanity numbers protect your brand and help you stay consistent with your brand. In case you change your area of business and area code but vanity number will protect your brand identity in these situations. You need not to be worried about your number and area code. Like good domain name for a website, a vanity number provides identity to your business. It helps your business look more professional. And helps you stand out in the crowed while advertisement and ads campaigns. Provide a platform to use the number a marketing tool.

2. Vanity Phone numbers are great for marketing

Vanity Number as a marketing tool for your business
Vanity phone numbers have around for long and they are still as effective as they use to be, if that’s not the case then why these giant companies are still using them. Take an example of

FedEX (1-800-GO FEDEX®) or UPS (1-800-PICK UPS®). If vanity numbers are not effective these companies would not have these numbers . An independent survey showed the result from 800 respondents, and results showed that consumers have 45% more recall of vanity numbers as compared to web urls . So they are more marketable. Like your name and your identity your number becomes a marketing tool for your business. Imagine your business is running an advertisement campaign you consumer comes across your number like UPS (1-800-PICK UPS®) how can a competitor beat that.

3. Easy to remember and saves time

Vanity numbers keep the customers out of yellow pages. If someone wants an information or professional help he can simply call without digging yellow pages. Vanity phone number becomes the identity and reflects the brand. For example you are driving on a high way and you see an add with vanity phone like (1-800-800-CARS). for a car financing company and letter you can recall it call them for their service to conclude, vanity numbers provide your business professional look which protects your brand in any case of location change or number change, you just need to change area code. Moreover, it provides your brand the marketability, looks more professional and leave an impression on the consumers.

Vanity phones numbers are easy to remember and they eliminate the process of searching the yellow pages for the customers.