Broadband Competition Will Solve Net Neutrality Better than the FCC


Net Neutrality is commonly misunderstood. However, it could easily affect our society for generations to come considering the widespread use of the Internet and the innovations that it fosters. This article will briefly explain what Net Neutrality in the United States is, why the FCC is involved and better solutions for solving the problem. The Internet has generally worked on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. Meaning, as information flows through the Internet, it is processed and forwarded in the order it

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What is Mobile number portability (MNP)?

Mobile Number Portability in USA

Mobile number portability is the ability to enable mobile phone users to remain with their mobile phone numbers when they migrate from one mobile network provider to another one. Standard Methods Used in MNP Migration. MNP follows various migration rules in different regions globally governed by different communications authority in different jurisdictions. 1)Recipient led migration. In Europe, people interested in porting their numbers should try to contact the intended new network which in turn sends a request to your original

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How to port a phone number?

How to port a phone number

On occasion, it appears as though nothing is more disappointing than a phone organization. The main issue with just wiping out wireless service is losing unique mobile phone number. Family, companions, colleagues and business contacts depend on the phone number to get in touch with you. On the off occasion that you match a great many people, your contact list filled with hundreds of figures. There is no surefire way to notify anyone of the number change. However, porting phone

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